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Intuition, innovation, creativity: key features for a winning idea which then becomes a successful product. That 's what Claudio Cutuli could do when he inherited the family dyeing and weaving business, by making it a leader in the production of scarfs and stoles. All this without forgetting the traditions and the origin, without stopping using natural and organic fabrics and colours. The revolution started the day when Claudio coloured a hemp, broom, wool fabric and then he "mistreated" it with a currycomb. He and his friends liked the scarf he created. And so he decided to devote himself to the production of that kind of fashion items, also opening to the foreign market. The family business was born in 1838, a good 175 years ago and the stylist has organized a great event to celebrate its anniversary. This event is to be held on Saturday, the 12th of January, from 11 a.m. to 13 , during the fashion week in Milan and the presentation of Man-Woman collection A / W 2013-14 at the WHITE. The anniversary is already started at the Pitti Immagine in Florence and it should conclude at the Tranoi in Paris, in conjunction with the Parisian fashion week. In the meantime the office was transferred from Calabria to Umbria, where Cutuli studied. Even in this time of crisis, the company shows no fear in investing, in being present in the market and in maintaining high quality. If nowadays Claudio and his wife Mariagrazia keep strongly the helm of their firm, there are good prospects for the future, also considering the passion that their two daughters have. Claudio talks about them (the first one is 11 and the second is 9) with the knowledge of the entrepreneur and the tenderness of the father: "The younger is a fantastic, creative genius. The older has a managerial and organizational spirit." Meanwhile the brand continues to get over national and European borders with the ability to project some sensations, travels and visions into creations. And though all that creativity could be called madness , the damage is nothing because the results certainly call it ingeniousness.

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