Location: Spazio Claudio Cutuli ex-Mattatoio

The completely unconventional space – whose soul evokes the underground scene of Brick Lane – is witness to a research and transformationthat represent the binomial of the artistic encounter between who we are and what we represent.

An urban and Avant Garde image where defined cuts accompany non-gender models, since style and aesthetics are a free choice that is not to betray your true identity.

Authentic materials and natural fabrics are the essence of garments that reinterpret classic shapes through the combination of different fibres and textures. From asymmetric coats, overcoats, and jackets to scarves treated with liquid nitrogen and highly specialized techniques. Vegetable-based skins are criss-crossed into silk stoles. Laser leather vests that appear to tattoo the body with their transversality go hand in hand with crocodile bags that recall the wild nature of each one of us.

Elegant dresses created out of laser-cut and perforated leather. A distinct and precious leather processing that rediscovers femininity.

3 worlds, 3 gazes united by the desire to stand out and make your outfit unique.